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Vote Ron Paul Jokes

  • Vote Ron Paul – because we can’t invade every country.
  • Vote Ron Paul – because you still want America to be worth something.
  • Vote Ron Paul – because America should not be owned by the Clinton and Bush Familes for 3 decades.
  • Vote Ron Paul – so that you can travel without being hated in every country.
  • Vote Ron Paul – because 9.2 trillion dollars is enough US government debt, thank you.
  • Vote Ron Paul Because the Food and Drug Administration has killed enough people.
  • Vote Ron Paul – because you like visiting Mexico, not living in it.
  • Vote Ron Paul – because freedom never tasted so good.
  • Vote Ron Paul or you’re a neocon.
  • A vote for Ron Paul is America’s fascist flu cure-all!
  • Vote Ron Paul – If you like being sold a Bill of Rights, instead of a Bill of Goods
  • Vote Ron Paul & Cure Thomas Paine’s Insomnia
  • Vote Ron Paul & Make the Bicentennial of James Madison’s Inauguration A Most Memorable Affair (1809-2009)
  • Vote Ron Paul because he is endorsed by Patrick Henry
  • Vote Ron Paul because Iranians Love Their Children As Much As You Do
  • Vote Ron Paul & Squash Bureaucracy
  • Vote Ron Paul & Return to Gold Standard
  • Vote Ron Paul because the U.S. Constitution is MORE than Just a God Damn Piece of Paper
  • Vote Ron Paul & Say NO to Hyperinflation
  • Vote Ron Paul & Take Four Years Off the Life of David Rockefeller
  • Vote Ron Paul & Hear Karl Marx Scream From His Grave
  • Vote Ron Paul If You Value Checks & Balances
  • Vote Ron Paul & Retrieve Your Traditional Pensions
  • Vote Ron Paul & Rout Out Multi-National Corporations
  • Vote Ron Paul & Outsource Fascism
  • Vote Ron Paul – Make Aaron Russo Proud
  • Vote Ron Paul because Your Dinero Is Worth More Than The Amero
  • Vote Ron Paul – Preserve Mount Rushmore
  • Vote Ron Paul because The Patriot Act Is the Polar Opposite of Patriotism
  • Vote Ron Paul & Exterminate the U.N.
  • Vote Ron Paul & Remember Lexington & Concord
  • Vote Ron Paul & Make American History Required Curriculum at Every Grade Level
  • Vote Ron Paul because Home Schoolers Are Smarter Than You
  • Vote Ron Paul because You Love Your Grandchildren
  • Vote Ron Paul because George Washington’s Troops Froze To Death For You To Live Free
  • Vote Ron Paul because Your Creator Demands It
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One Response to “Vote Ron Paul Jokes”

  1. June 8th, 2008 at 12:35 pm #offtopic

    I caucused Ron Paul because I take freedom seriously

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