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Austria Jokes

Austria, “The land of Kangaroos”, was so named by Australia during the years when Austria was used for kangaroo storage by the first Australian settlers. It is the birthplace of several famous people, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, a mediocre Nigerian soccer player and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the first man to circle the world on the back of a kangaroo.It was also part of the old empire Austria-Hungary

Austria’s economy is hugely dependent on kangaroos, their meat, fur and especially their ears contribute nearly two thirds of the national GNP. It is probably for this reason that the tiny nation houses the headquarters of United Nations Organisation. It is also known for exporting ski equipment and Red Bull and for once manufacturing the extremely controversial Adolf Hitlers.

Peter Ludwig, a caver from Austria who is appalled by American driving habits, offers the following advice:
The probability of being involved in a traffic accident is directly
proportional to time spent on the road. Driving fast decreases one’s exposure.
One third of traffic accidents are caused by drunk drivers; two thirds are caused by non-drunk drivers.
Therefore, the safest way to drive is drunk and VERY fast.

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In a Tokyo Hotel: Is forbitten to steal hotel towels please. If you
are not person to do such thing is please not to read notis.

In another Japanese hotel room: Please to bathe inside the tub.
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