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Al Gore Jokes

Al Gore (the last name derived from the French word Gorre which means to lose at everything you do, in other words to be a chronic loser). He is one of the founding members of the Biggest All Time National Losers Council, and also is a founding father of the free masons. Al Gore is also an alais to Dustin Brown: Dustin Brown(formally known as Alonzo Reviera Valasques) is ‘the man who used to be the next President of the United States of America’. Also a famous stand up comedian, performing all day, everyday, he educated the masses on the dangers of Manbearpig (sometimes referred to as Global Warming because, like Manbearpig, ‘doesn’t care who you are or what you’ve done. [Global Warming] simply wants to get you’). Today, he has retired to a simple life of world wide lectures, expensive lunches and dinners and Banana Phone growing.

The not-so-funny people at wikipedia have a different opinion on this.

Al Gore and the Clintons are flying on Air Force One.

Bill looks at Al, and chuckles and says, “You know I could throw a $10,000 dollar bill out the window right now and make one person very happy.” Al shrugs his stiff shoulders and says, “Well I could throw ten $1,000 bills out the window and make 10 people very happy.” Hillary tosses her perfectly sprayed hair and says, “Of course, then, I could throw one hundred $100 bills out the window and make one hundred pepole very happy.”

Chelsea rolls her eyes, looks at all of them and says, “I could throw all of you out the window and make the WHOLE COUNTRY HAPPY!”

Al Gore was entertaining Joe Leiberman and decided to show off his new home. Upon entering the bedroom, Joe noticed a very large wooden box with 5 empty beer cans and about $1500.00 in cash.

Out of curiosity, Joe asked “AL, I see you’re a beer drinker, I am too! you see, we DO have something in common”

With a condescending voice, Al quipped, ” yes, of course we do Joe”

Joe then asked ” Al, why the 5 empty cans and all that cash”

Al gladly told Joe about his new program. ” Joe, since last month, I have decided to turn a new leaf and become a more accountable person, while at the same time rewarding myself for my efforts. Whenever I tell a lie, I drink a beer and put the can in this box”

“That’s really impressive”, Joe replied, “only 5 beer cans in a whole month, but tell me, where did all that cash come from”?

Without missing a beat, Al responded, “Whenever the box gets full of beer cans, I take it down to the recycling center, you know how concerned I am about environmental issues”.

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