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This is the place where all the funny facts from eRepublik are stored. All the eRepublik citizens gather here making fun and that’s why those who are part of the eRepublik community understand these jokes better than anyone else. Still, don’t be sad if you’re not a player; just spend a few minutes of your time reading this section and you might not regret it.

In the second day, Dio spoke and said “ZA WARUDO”. Then Smif answered “Say please!”
smif is the only soldier in eRepublik who gets a 5/5 supershot by pressing the skip button
And again we thank dsalageanu for his help.

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1. If you are his friend, be careful. Smifs shouts can cause your wellness to drop by 5 points. And that is if he’s in a cheery mood…

2. The only solutions to any county’s border security is an MPP with Smif, personnaly.

3. Smifs personal productivity exceeds the GDP of many small countries in the New World.

4. If Smif moves to a region, it automatically becomes high productive in all raw materials.

5. Smif, on average, is abut 7.342,00% more effective than a Defence System Q5.

6. Smifs military strength has already exceeded the maximum of 65535 but due to the fact that Erepublik cannot work with bigger numbers, it displays a reseted countdown.

7. Smif does not consume food. Instead, he is highly dependant on high amounts of iron Q5. Allegedly, there are 2 iron companies in Podolia especially designated to still his hunger…

8. Smifs presence in an enemy region instantly destroys its Defence System. Because there is no defence against Smif.

9. Smif can start a resistance war even if the region already belongs to its original owner country.

10. The Romanian Q5 weapons industry is designated exclusively for Smif. He has to take at least 4-5 weapons in every fight, in order for these not to melt in his hands like chocolate. He uses lower quality weapons for snacks, between fights.

11. Smif does not own a house. He doesn’t need a wellness boost, because there is no known method to decrease his wellness.

12. Atlantis and PEACE are there just for Smifs amusement. Although he could take them down single-handedly, he decided that its really cute when little people play army…

13. V1 got a lot better because bugs (like all creatures) are too terrified by Smifs wrath to make an appearance.

14. Admins wanted to declare Smif as a country, but realized that this would lead to the iminent dissapearance of any other national form of organization in the New World…

15. Smif can break his victims’ “revive character” button and there is nothing admins can do about it.

16. One bug the admins can’t fix is Smif moving around without a moving ticket…

17. If you log in on Smif’s account and buy gold you would have 3 payment methods: Pay-Pal, Credit Card and Smif. The las one, of course, is free of charge.

18. When Smif clicks the Contact button all the admins shit their pants and Alexis Bonte has a heart atack!

You’re probably wondering what’s a Smif?

Smif is the strongest player in eRepublik, a multiplayer online game.

This list was compiled by dsalageanu (with some help from Shadow Figure)

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This is one of the funniest things I have read lately. Most of us know (or don’t) that eRepublik is a new game. One of the players decided to write a “How to for getting rid of your wife and having plenty of time to play.” Here is the article we thank the Romanian Media Ministry for:

“A few weeks ago, I was coming very late home for work, as my wife encountered me with a sour face:

- “Where have you been?”, she aggressively asked
- “Honey, I have to admit”, I replied, “I have an affair with a beautiful brunette. I took her out dining, then we made love in the car…”
- “You lying bastard! Whom are you trying to fool?” she started yelling. “You are unable of performing crazy sex to another person, least to say another woman! You were at work, playing that f*****g stupid waste of human time called Erepublik! If it happens again, you’re out of here!”

So, based on this experience, I have decided to actively involve in boosting up the quality of life of my fellow community members, by writing this


1. Have an actual affair!

Having an actual affair is much more credible than lying about it. Although faking an affair can seem easy, you might think that using some lipstick from a work colleague on your shirt, or some perfume from a tester tube in a supermarket might be enough, well it’s not. Women have a sixth sense for cheating men, and if you are not lucky enough to be one of them, you will be uncovered as a fake. So, my first advice: cheat every one in a while, preferably with the same person. In this case, your wife will definitely suspect that you are in the arms of your mistress, your mistress will presume that you are at home, while you can happily play Erepublik at work.

2. Crash your car !

Just pretending that your car breaks down so often is pretty lame. Have the balls every one in a while and smash the bloody thing for real. Not hard enough for the car not to work, but it has to look ugly. Then, you can spend the whole day in service! This is a great maneuver for election days, battles or any other occasions when you need full concentration for a longer period of time. Of course, full car insurance, 3G modem and laptop are required.

3. Buy an iPhone !

There are very few things worth completely ruining your image as a powerful, heterosexual male. Luckily enough, Erepublik is one of them! An iPhone can provide you with several important windows of opportunity to stay connected with your favorite community while being safely away from your wife.

4. Prepare for unexpected calls !

Each morning on your way to work, try to break off a few seconds from the latest article written by Gregorius and try to focus on one PRACTICAL thing about your home. “What was my wife complaining about in the last few weeks? Fixing the bathroom door? No, that was in Beta. Oh, I got it, buying some tomatoes with taste from somewhere.” Then, after finding one such key issue, you are prepared for the “unexpected call”! In this respect, the next time your wife calls, just say really fast “Honey, I was just thinking about weather the small market across the street might have some good tomatoes.” Your wife will be impressed about your concerns, and you will definitely avoid the usual “You seem absent again! Playing that crap again, aren’t you!”

5. Pretend you are working hard !

That sadly applies only in the first two months or so, BEFORE your wife becomes a convinced brainwashed Anti-Erepublik paramilitary organization member. It is an easy way of saving valuable hours of senseless talks about furniture, cheesy romance or stupid TV series. Just say “Honey, my boss urged me to write a very important report by tomorrow morning, it will take a couple of hours”. The ideal time to START your “report” is precisely 22:30, in that case, after two or three hours, she will probably give up and go to sleep. Then, you will have free hand for the next three hours to build up your Erepublik career! Of course, Red Bulls, caffeine pills or light drugs are highly recommended.

6. Get kidnapped !

With a little bit of planning, you can arrange a fake kidnapping, which will buy you a few days, maybe even weeks, of uninterrupted Erepublik experience. This strategy is extremely useful if you win the elections as country president or if you achieve important positions in your virtual life (Supreme Commander of the Army, Prime Minister or stuff like that). Take care, you have to have a solid justification about how you got kidnapped together with your laptop and 3G modem!

7. Get abducted ! (upgraded tactic no.6 – for really stupid wives)

For the lucky ones who have a wife with a sub-standard IQ (I can only admire their power of anticipation), you can upgrade tactics no.6 and pretend you have been abducted by aliens! This will allow you much more space for maneuver, because it will get the police / special forces or other institutions looking for you off your back.

8. Pretend you’re an alcoholic !

While apparently easy, it is a pretty difficult strategy to pull trough. Being late progressively, drinking a few shots before leaving work, pretending to forget recent events, and so on, are part of your arsenal. The main benefit is strategically distracting your wives attention from your Erepublik career. Who knows, if you have the necessary skill / strength / gold, you might become an authentic alcoholic! And then, maybe, but just maybe, your wife can dump you and clear an enormous amount of time for your virtual life! But men can only dream…

9. Win the lottery !

Although statistically extremely difficult to pull trough, I think this is, by far, the optimal solution to your Erepublik career. HOW you win the lottery will be the subject of a future article by the Romanian Ministry of Media, you will see, it’s a hassle but its doable. But, after hitting the jackpot, you will need to follow a few simple principles:
- NEVER tell ANYBODY that you won.
- Pretend to go to work every day. Heck, hire some office space and some secretaries, just for realism. Give them random tasks in order not to blow your cover, you can afford the whole circus.
- Every now and then pull some extra cash from your account, pretending you received “bonuses” or “promotions”, gives an extra touch of authenticity.
- Make up some fancy invitations to conferences or trainings and show them to your wife, pretending that “the company has awarded you with this beautiful opportunity”. Then lock yourself up in a sleazy hotel and play Erepublik until you drop!

Any ideas for a number 10?”

You can find the original article here.

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