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Smif Jokes

1. If you are his friend, be careful. Smifs shouts can cause your wellness to drop by 5 points. And that is if he’s in a cheery mood…

2. The only solutions to any county’s border security is an MPP with Smif, personnaly.

3. Smifs personal productivity exceeds the GDP of many small countries in the New World.

4. If Smif moves to a region, it automatically becomes high productive in all raw materials.

5. Smif, on average, is abut 7.342,00% more effective than a Defence System Q5.

6. Smifs military strength has already exceeded the maximum of 65535 but due to the fact that Erepublik cannot work with bigger numbers, it displays a reseted countdown.

7. Smif does not consume food. Instead, he is highly dependant on high amounts of iron Q5. Allegedly, there are 2 iron companies in Podolia especially designated to still his hunger…

8. Smifs presence in an enemy region instantly destroys its Defence System. Because there is no defence against Smif.

9. Smif can start a resistance war even if the region already belongs to its original owner country.

10. The Romanian Q5 weapons industry is designated exclusively for Smif. He has to take at least 4-5 weapons in every fight, in order for these not to melt in his hands like chocolate. He uses lower quality weapons for snacks, between fights.

11. Smif does not own a house. He doesn’t need a wellness boost, because there is no known method to decrease his wellness.

12. Atlantis and PEACE are there just for Smifs amusement. Although he could take them down single-handedly, he decided that its really cute when little people play army…

13. V1 got a lot better because bugs (like all creatures) are too terrified by Smifs wrath to make an appearance.

14. Admins wanted to declare Smif as a country, but realized that this would lead to the iminent dissapearance of any other national form of organization in the New World…

15. Smif can break his victims’ “revive character” button and there is nothing admins can do about it.

16. One bug the admins can’t fix is Smif moving around without a moving ticket…

17. If you log in on Smif’s account and buy gold you would have 3 payment methods: Pay-Pal, Credit Card and Smif. The las one, of course, is free of charge.

18. When Smif clicks the Contact button all the admins shit their pants and Alexis Bonte has a heart atack!

You’re probably wondering what’s a Smif?

Smif is the strongest player in eRepublik, a multiplayer online game.

This list was compiled by dsalageanu (with some help from Shadow Figure)

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