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Czech Republic Jokes

The Czech Republic (Absurdistán, alternatively Kocourkov in Czech language, sometimes mistakenly called the Check Republic and always confused for Poland) is a landlocked country in Central Europe.

In fact, no Cheques come from here, as this because they trade with no one. Instead, all citizens are from sparta .Since June 2006, the country has not had a government. Cabinet job openings have been announced but probably unnoticed by the members of the public. Instead leanordias has been swarn in to govern.

It’s easy to tell if a person is Czech, if their last name ends in -ski and they are not Polish, Russian or Communist, and like beer, they are Czech.

An American and his Czechoslovakian friend were out walking in the forest. They rounded a corner and right in front of them stood a giant grizzly bear. Before they could make a move, the bear jumped up and ate the European.

The American turned and ran. He pulled out his cell phone and called the local forest ranger. In no time, an experienced ranger was upon the scene, and they headed back to find the man eating bear.

They neared the site where the man was eaten. They came upon two bears, a male and a female. The ranger asked the American which bear ate his friend. The American replied that it was the male, the bigger of the two.

With that, the fearless ranger pulled out his hunting knife, and with one fell swoop, slashed open the belly of the female, and out popped the man’s friend.

“Never trust someone when they say the Czech is in the male.”

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