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Arnold Schwarzenegger Jokes

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Pronounced “AWWWLLL-NULLD SWATSTIKANEGGER”) is a cybernetic overlord sent from Alpha Centauri to conquer Earth and subjugate the human population. However, over time he was corrupted by money, women, politics, and huge pectoral muscles.

For many years, the ambition/power subroutines of the Arnold Schwarzenegger were satisfied by the adulation of moviegoers and bodybuilding fan boys (which it often lured to its home in order to introduce them to Michael Jackson and ‘veiny’ – its erect penis) .

As time went on, however, much of its programming became corrupted by the Conservative.Repub.32.exe virus, and well as being at the top of the ****ING LEGEND list, the Arnold Schwarzenegger has since become Reichführer of California in an attempt to reboot its original overlord mission. It is never to be confused with the fool who stole its name, Hey Arnold.

The not-so-funny people at wikipedia have a different opinion on this.

Nice Animation.