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Valentine’s day in pictures

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2 Responses to “Valentine’s day in pictures”

  1. April 20th, 2009 at 3:14 am #Dany

    Sweetheart, will you become scary giant Obama who wantet me to lay in the bed, won‘t be able to work if I‘ll get married to a real man? My Sweetheart Billy , I really want to know what your reaction in the future so that I will adopt a strategy if you‘ll be like Obama. I really need a real man in my life to marry, so please tell me. I really appreciate your words“if you love somebody, just set her free". My dear, I don‘t want to be like computer that have to come back to you for reinstallation and updating because I don‘t want to be like Samaritan woman in the Bible. I just want one man in my life. My belove, my best friend Ruth loves man very much and she can‘t give up. I know you love money and you can‘t give it up even though you said you can give up all your money and you are no more in Microsoft office. Please tell me will you become a scary giant to me?

  2. April 20th, 2009 at 6:09 am #Dany

    Sweetheart, I don‘t really understand your words “You are idiot!" and “I love you!". I wonder whether you love me or cursing me? Could you please tell me whether I must adopt strategies or not? Please accept my highest respect. God bless. Faithfully yours, dany

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