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Top 29 most indexed hot women in 2009

For notes on how this list was built, see the end of the article.

For now, here are the girls:

29. Nicole Scherzinger - 11,400,000 results

nicole scherzinger

Wikipedia | Photos

28. Adriana Lima15,600,000 results

adriana lima

Wikipedia | Photos

27. Heidi Klum - 16,100,000 results

heidi klum

Wikipedia | Photos

26. Natalie Portman17,200,000 results

natalie portman

Wikipedia | Photos

25. Eva Longoria17,800,000 results

eva longoria

Wikipedia | Photos

24. Jessica Biel19,200,000 results

jessica biel

Wikipedia | Photos

23. Emily Scott21,200,000 results

emily scott

Wikipedia | Photos

22. Vanessa Hudgens22,200,000 results

vanessa hudgens

Wikipedia | Photos

21. Cheryl Cole27,900,000 results

cheryl cole

Wikipedia | Photos

20. Eva Mendes28,200,000 results

eva mendes

Wikipedia | Photos

19. Scarlett Johansson28,600,000 results

scarlett johansson

Wikipedia | Photos

18. Jennifer Aniston29,300,000 results

jennifer aniston

Wikipedia | Photos

17. Hilary Duff31,700,000 results

hilary duff

Wikipedia | Photos

16. Jennifer Lopez39,500,000 results

jennifer lopez

Wikipedia | Photos

15. Lily Allen – 41,100,000 results

lily allen

Wikipedia | Photos

14. Christina Aguilera46,200,000 results

christina aguilera

Wikipedia | Photos

13. Lindsay Lohan47,300,000 results

lindsay lohan

Wikipedia | Photos

12. Emma Watson49,400,000 results

emma watson

Wikipedia | Photos

11. Jessica Alba51,700,000 results

jessica alba

Wikipedia | Photos

10. Kate Moss52,100,000 results

kate moss

Wikipedia | Photos

9. Megan Fox66,800,000 results

megan fox

Wikipedia | Photos

8. Angelina Jolie70,600,000 results

angelina jolie

Wikipedia | Photos

7. Kate Perry71,800,000 results

kate perry

Wikipedia | Photos

6. Jessica Simpson - 87,200,000 results

jessica simpson

Wikipedia | Photos

5. Michelle Ryan89,300,000 results

michelle ryan

Wikipedia | Photos

4. Ellen Page93,900,000 results

ellen page

Wikipedia | Photos

3. Britney Spears132,000,000 results

britney spears

Wikipedia | Photos

2. Taylor Swift137,000,000 results

taylor swift

Wikipedia | Photos

1. Rihanna138,000,000 results


Wikipedia | Photos

FAQ about this article (just made this up, nobody actually asked us these questions)

Why would anyone make a “top most indexed hot women in 2009″ ?

Someone asked who was the “hot women of 2009″ and I’ve turned to Google to find out. Askmen, FHM and Maxim gave 3 different names.

We decided to let the Google “search results AKA indexed pages” set the winners of the Smilespedia Babes International Popularity Contest (SBIPC – just made this up, lol) for 2009.

How did you build the list?

We used Google’s “Specific date range” option to search the names found in “FHM top 100″ 2009 and in Maxim Top 100.

Why didn’t you just look for popular women names? Why use a pre-built list?

We wanted to avoid getting results like this one, which would rank in our top 20 but would be inconsistent with the title of the list.

Why 29? Why not 50? Why not 100?

The women in our list are the only hot babes that have over 10 millions search results in 2009.

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