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Ten Differences Between Golf & Other Sports

  • Unlike baseball, players dont readjust their testicles before each swing.
  • Unlike boxing, players dont chomp on each others ears or punch them in the groin.
  • Unlike tennis, players dont grunt like Cro Magnon men with each effort.
  • Unlike basketball, players dont elbow each other in the ribs for better position.
  • Unlike auto racing, spectators dont have to breathe noxious fumes or be forced to listen to “The Achy Breaky Song” on the loud speaker.
  • Unlike soccer, the fans dont spit on or trample each other to death if their favorite team loses.
  • Unlike bowling, no one knows your shoe size.
  • Unlike polo, players dont need to be smug yuppie aristocratic inbred dweebs.
  • Unlike football, players dont tell the ref to do a physically impossible act to himself.
  • Unlike wrestling, spectators have all their teeth.
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