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Swede in a Pub

A Swede was in a pub in Finland and a regular customer suggested to him:
- “I’ll give you $200, if you let me smash ten beer bottles on your head.” The Swede thought for a while and finally agreed, partly because of the peer pressure. The Finn smashed the first bottle on the Swede’s head, then the second and so on, but he stopped after smashing nine bottles.
- “So, when are you going to smash the tenth bottle?,” asked the Swede.
- “I am not a total idiot,” the Finn replied, “then I would have to give you that $200.”

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One Response to “Swede in a Pub”

  1. May 5th, 2010 at 9:18 am #SWEDEN!!!!

    This joke fails! the condition was that the Swede would LET the finnish guy smash ten bottles and that he did, therfore the swede deserves som cash!

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