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Stop that car!

Must be told with sound effects.

A Norwegian, a Dane and a Swede got lost in the woods up in northern Sweden and eventually ended up crossing the border into northern Finland. After a while, as the situation was getting desperate, they ended up parting and going in different directions.

The Norwegian walked for hours and, just when he was getting ready to give up, he found a road. “I’m saved!” he thought and stepped up to try to get a car to stop. But all cars (there weren’t too many) just passed by, ignoring his waving and yelling. Finally he said to himself “Well, I’ll just step out in front of a car and he’ll have to stop.” As the next car was coming, he stepped out in the middle of the road and . . . (here, the storyteller makes the sound of a car coming nearer – swoosh! – and hitting something with front and back wheels – boink-boink! – and disappearing in a distance again). So died the Norwegian.

The Dane was also lucky enough to find a road, but ran into the same problem; no cars would stop no matter how much he jumped and yelled. So eventually he came to the same conclusion as the Norwegian; “That’s it! The next car that comes by I’m stopping through standing in front of it.” Said and done . . . (same sound effects swoosh! boink-boink! and the car disappears in a distance).

The Swede eventually reached a road too, but had no more luck getting the cars to stop than the other two. He decided that when the next car came, he’d step out on the road and get it to stop that way. He heard the car in a distance and bravely stepped out in the road . . . (make the noise of the car coming closer and the front and back wheels hitting the Swede but then make the sound of screaming brakes, make a new boink-boink-sound, new screaming brakes and go on for three or four times that way)

(If you didn’t get it, the Finnish car stopped, backed up, hit the Swede again, and again, and again. The success of the story depends on the imitation of the car sound effects).

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