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Sleep while you fly – the new slogan at WestJet Airlines?

WestJet Airlines in Canada announced today (April Fools Day) that they offer sleeping cabins in their modern fleet of Boeing 737 “Next-Generation aircraft”. The fee is around twelve dollars. Probably US dollars.

“WestJet now offers scheduled service to 47 destinations, continuing on our strategy to be Canada’s favourite airline,” commented Bob Cummings, Executive Vice-President Guest Experience and Marketing. “Our leather seats and live satellite television are a great part of WestJet’s guest experience however, by offering our existing overhead bins as sleeper cabins, guests will now have the opportunity to lie down for a period of time and arrive at their destination refreshed, rested and ready to go.

“The overhead compartment has traditionally been a place where guests have placed their carry-on baggage. Given that the overhead bins on our fleet are among the most spacious of any airline, we made the decision to offer sleeper cabins in that space.”

Unlike most pranksters, WestJet wanted to make sure we are able to contact them by phone (both English and French lines) to make reservations. They also spoke about  their huge network, etc but I guess it was worth it, they’ve managed to get the buzz the wanted around the company.

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