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Paris Hilton Police Transcript 2: March 8, 2007

Officer: Miss Hilton, this is a 65 MPH highway. Why are you going so slowly?
Paris: 65? All the signs I saw said 22.
Officer: Thats not the speed limit, maam. thats the name of the highway youre on.
Paris: Oh! Silly sexy me! Thanks for letting me know. Ill be more careful from now on.
Officer: Excuse me, but is that Britney Spears? And is that Lindsay Lohan?
Paris: Yes, were just taking a trip in one of my new SUVs. We havent really been drinking that much or anything.
Officer: You girls alright? You look pretty shaken up.
Paris: Oh, well thats probably because we just got off that mountain road, Highway 129.

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