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One Woman’s Search for True Love

When I was 16, I hoped that one day I would have a boyfriend…

When I was 18, I got a boyfriend, but there was no passion. So I decided I needed a passionate guy with a zest for life.

In college, I dated a passionate guy, but he was too emotional. Everything was an emergency, he cried all the time and threatened suicide. So I decided I needed a guy with stability.

When I was 25, I found a very stable guy but he was boring. He was totally predictable and never got excited about anything. Life became so dull that I decided I needed a guy with some excitement.

When I was 28, I found an exciting guy, but I couldn’t keep up with him. He always got mad, he did impetuous things and flirted with everyone he met. He made me miserable as often as happy. He was very energetic, but directionless. So I decided to find a guy with some ambition.

When I turned 31, I found a smart, ambitious guy with his feet planted firmly on the ground and married him. He was so ambitious that he divorced me, took everything I owned, and

ran off with my best friend.

I am now 40, and I’m looking for a guy with a big dick.

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8 Responses to “One Woman’s Search for True Love”

  1. January 21st, 2008 at 1:45 am #HappyPanda

    Ah … life’s essentials!

  2. February 2nd, 2008 at 6:08 am #ExMarine

    ….. and all ended happily ever after – she met me and we’ve been having fantastic sex ever since…

  3. February 2nd, 2008 at 6:15 pm #HappyPuppy

    So true…

  4. February 3rd, 2008 at 2:30 am #Lloyd

    …here I am.

  5. February 4th, 2008 at 2:17 am #Lewkis

    She said my 3 inches wasn’t enough for her :\

  6. April 21st, 2009 at 1:32 am #Dany

    six men already? That‘s many. I wish I got only one in my life with high educated neither crazy driver nor crazy worker.

  7. April 21st, 2009 at 1:35 am #Dany

    six men already? That‘s many. I wish I got only one in my life with high educated neither crazy driver nor crazy worker. I don‘t want to have many for boasting like the woman in the article because I hate such kind of boasting.

  8. July 30th, 2010 at 1:01 am #Someone

    Six men and she still didn’t realize that it was her who couldn’t keep up.

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