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Iphone is all you’ll ever need…

Just gotta love the new iphone ..

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One Response to “Iphone is all you’ll ever need…”

  1. April 2nd, 2009 at 3:51 pm #Martin Kerr

    10 Reasons why an Iphone is better than a woman by Martin Kerr:
    1. It only costs £399 and you get an upgraded model every year,
    2. If you don’t get access to the software on the Iphone you can reboot it in two minutes and your guaranteed to get right in there,
    3. If you get bored with the software on the Iphone, you can just pop over to App Store and get a new piece for as little as 99 cents and you don’t have to even leave the house,
    4. If your Iphone is getting a little old and losing it looks, you can slip a designer jacket on it and immediately it looks great,
    5. If your Iphone is getting a little old and slowing down, you can plug it into Itunes, reinstall and its instantly rejuvenated,
    6. You can Mute your Iphone,
    7. You can control your Iphone with simple finger movements,
    8. You Iphone won’t spend your money without checking with you first,
    9. Your Iphone won’t roam without your permission,
    10. Your Iphone comes in a pretty box, when is the last time you did that?

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