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Photo of the day – Stupid Client Quotes…

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Here is their top rated funny quote:

So this Senior Programmer is printing a 180-page report on 6-page-a-minute printer (* now you have a clue how long ago this was *), and I was waiting for my turn at the printer. Him: “Don’t bother waiting. This report’s all wrong. I can’t kill the print job because my PC’s locked up, but I’ll have to start over when it’s done printing.” Me: “You want to kill the print job? But the system isn’t letting you? And your PC’s locked up so you’re going to have to reboot anyway?” Him: “Yeah, we’ll just have to wait. Unless you have a better idea.” Me: “Maybe.” I turned the power switch Off. Him: “Waaah! What are you doing? Don’t do that! They told us never turn the power off!” Me: “And why would that be?” Him (patiently explaining to the junior staff): “If you turn the printer off, the current job is lost.” Me: “…”

The website is great, with really funny quotes. They have the usual: Top quotes, Random quotes, Add your quotes, Search and RSS Feeds, of course.

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