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Bill Clinton Jokes

14. “Well, it depends on your definition of ‘father’, Luke.”

13. “Who knew the Jedi Mind Trick could work on 250 million people all at once?”

12. “I *absolutely* support the use of droids in the military… Okay, now I don’t.”

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Q. How can you tell if Michael Jackson has company?
A. There’s a big wheel parked outside his house.

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One day, many years after the Clinton scandal, Hillary is struck by a car and killed. Soon, Hillary finds herself at the gates of Heaven. She sees St. Peter and asks “Can I get into heaven now?”

He says “Soon, I have some things to take care of.”

So St. Peter leaves and Hillary looks at the scenery and sees millions of clocks lying around. Every once in a while, a clock or so would turn ahead 15 minutes. Hillary wondered why. Soon, St. Peter came back and Hillary asked “St. Peter, What are all these clocks for?”

St Peter replies “Each clock represents a man. Every time a man commits adultry, the clock turns ahead 15 minutes.

Hillary asks “Where’s my husbands clock?” St. Peter replies “Oh, it’s in God’s office, he uses it for a fan.”

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Bill and Hillary were married for 40 years. When they first got married Bill said, “I am putting a box under the bed. You must promise never to look in it.” In all their 40 years of marriage Hillary never looked. However on the afternoon of their 40th anniversary curiosity got the best of her and she lifted the lid and peeked inside. In the box were 3 empty beer cans and $1874.25 in cash. She closed the box and put it back under the bed.

Now that she knew what was in the box, she was doubly curious as to why. That evening they were out for a special dinner. After dinner Hillary could no longer contain her curiosity and she confessed, saying, “I am so sorry.For all these years I kept my promise and never looked into the box under our bed. However today the temptation was too much and I gave in. But now I need to know why do you keep the cans in the box?” Bill thought for a while and said, “I guess after all these years you deserve to know the truth. Whenever I was unfaithful to you I put an empty beer can in the box under the bed to remind myself not to do it again.”

Hillary was shocked, but said, “I am very disappointed and saddened but Iguess after all those years away from home on the road, temptation does happen and I guess that 3 times is not that bad considering the years.” They hugged and made their peace. A little while later Hillary asked Bill, “Why do you have all that money in the box?” Bill answered, “Whenever the box filled with empties, I cashed them in.”

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