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Particle Colliders

It’s very tricky & very expensive to collide sub atomic particles together. CERN is such a drain, so perhaps we need a new method.  Lets collide something bigger together. If we can see the particles, it’s so much easier.

Lets use elephants on rollerskates.

One elephant is launched down a ramp towards a stationary target elephant. As they impact they can richoche off each other or merge to become a compound animal. This will then emit other animals and decay to something more stable, like a Giraffe.

Using this new method, Physicists have discovered that the wombat is responsible for carrying the charge between electrons, not the photons. They are now working with higher energies to create new heavier compound animals. Once a blue whale is created, scientists hope that higher energies will reveal new animals, perhaps dinosaurs.

It’s also possible to examine the structure of the elephant. By firing a smaller animal, for example a badger, at the elephant it will penetrate, exposing the hidden fine structure.

The disadvantages are cleaning up afterwards. But elephants die off pretty quickly in comparison to the biproducts of nuclear fission!

NOTE: No elephant was hurt in my process of elaborating such an idea.

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