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31 things you should have seen online by now (Guaranteed to laugh)

Unless you’ve been living on another planet or you have no electricity.

  1. Baby break dance
  2. Apple Ad – Drunk Jeff Goldblum
  3. Scarlet takes a tumble
  4. Gay Mount Everest
  5. Afro Ninja
  6. Cop Shoots himself in the leg
  7. Tron Guy
  9. Laughing Baby
  11. Numa numa
  12. Peanunt butter jelly time
  13. Star Wars George Lucas in love
  14. Yatta
  15. Star Wars Kid
  16. Bubb rubb
  17. Dramatic Chipmunk
  18. GI Joe
  19. Skateboarding Dog
  20. All Your Base Are Belong To Us
  21. Barney vs. Tupac
  22. Shining
  23. Rick Roll
  24. David After Dentist
  25. Powerthirst
  26. Christian the lion
  27. Bert & Ernie tries Gangsta-Rap
  28. Lady punch
  29. Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama
  30. Where the Hell is Matt?
  31. Boom Goes the Dynamite
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